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Material and technical details

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We create a single product, on which we have concentrated years of research and innovation, to provide our customers with a highly specialized and performing product for baking the best bread in the world. The Fydro Baking Stones are available in different colors, textures, finishing and edging, to adapt to the needs of each oven.

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Product variations









10 mm

13 mm

15 mm

20 mm

30 mm


Straight cut




We produce the raw material in large dimensions and add them to our stock. For this reason we can cut to measure and supply and deliver with short lead times.

The Fydro Baking Stones can be customized with thickness in 3 sizes: 13, 15 and 20 mm.

We are available to provide different thicknesses (10, 25, 30 mm), if requested.

Minimum and maximum sizes

400x600 mm

1200x2400 mm

Other on request

Technical details

  • Density 1.850 kg/m2
  • Mineral raw materials only
  • Compressive strength ≥ 40 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength ≥ 12 N/mm2
  • Thermal conductivity 0,8 W/mK
  • Thermal expansion 1,0 x 10-5 m/mK

High heat retaining

The characteristic of the material with which our baking stones are made is a very high degree of heat conservation, to ensure better performance of every type of oven.

Non stick surface

The surface of our baking stones is designed to make the work of bakers simple, it is characterized by a non-stick coating that does not allow the residues of the raw materials and resulting from cooking to remain attached.

Excellent heat transfer

Fydro stones are excellent heat conductors, they guarantee rapid and homogeneous baking of bread, together with maximum energy efficiency, all fundamental characteristics for bakers.

Resistance to deformations

The Fydro oven stone is resistant to wear and deformation, besides the recipe of Fydro cement with glass fiber makes these plates the only ones that stand the test of time.

Easy cleaning

The design of the stone is made only from mineral materials that allow the product to be extremely easy to clean, an essential feature for the user of the ovens.

Safe for health

The stone does not contain any elements harmful to health, as per certifications and tests performed, it is therefore perfectly suitable for food production.


Angela Körtig
German bakery company

In Germany we produce many varieties of bread, according to the ancient German tradition. In our company we use all types of cereals and for us the ability of the ovens to prepare bread to match the ancient artisan specialties is very important, so we rely exclusively on appliances equipped with Fydro Baking stones.

Test and certifications

Bending strength

This is a very important test, its aim is to confirm production quality by using a Lloyd test machine pressing down untill the sample cracks.

Residual moisture

This test is carried out to determine the percentage volume of residual moisture inside the baking stones. The aim is to regularly confirm the production quality.

Oven temperature testing

This test is performed at the customer’s premises to determine temperature build up in the oven on the stone and thus helping to find ways to improve baking results.


Fydro Baking Stones are subject to recurring tests to verify compliance with the guidelines and regulations of all nations. In addition to tests that verify their resistance and relationship with heat, the stones are certified with the major food guidelines of single Countries.



The packaging of our products requires a specific evaluation, we choose the most suitable based on needs and requirements, together with our customer. The Premium version can be further customized on request, through the use of lateral reinforcements.


Composed of pallet, corners, straps and topfoil


Composed of INDUSTRIAL
+ styropor bottom, foamfoil and lid

Full Premium

Composed of PREMIUM
+ side boards (crate)

The Fydro Baking Stone samples are small single stones, cut from a real plate and worked according to the innovative Fydro process. Choose the color and finish version you wish to evaluate and request it for free.